For some people running comes very naturally; the thought of grabbing your shoes and heading out for a long run is exhilarating and calming. However, for a large amount of people when they hear the word  “running”, they are reminded of  their high school gym days of having to complete a timed mile around the track and the memory isn’t always the best.  While the  ability to run is a part of most athletic endeavors, the desire and ability to run for “fun” seems to be something that is learned and acquired.

Jamie and Kim have very different stories when it comes to running. For Jamie, running has always been very natural and something that he is very good at. He’s a marathon runner and going out for a long distance run has never been a problem for him. He can coach you and give you amazing tips on how to run very long distances, and lucky for all of you, he will be sharing that wisdom throughout this website.

For Kim, the thought of running anything over a mile brought on a sense of sheer panic; while she played many levels of sports and was very active, long distance running was never something she was interested in doing. However, through this journey she knew that running needed to be a huge part of her journey and she was determined to give it a try. At first she couldn’t even run a 1/2 mile without stopping, but this last fall she completed her very first 1/2 marathon and is ready to try it again!!

For an overall healthy level of fitness, Team Jarman encourages you to incorporate both strength training through regular workouts (using either Beachbody programs or intentional work done at your local gym, such as Orange Theory) and distance running.

One of the best ways to work distance running into your weekly running schedule would be to look at signing up for a local road race. Road races can be many different distances. If you have not done much running yet, look into a local mile fun run or perhaps a 5K (3.1 miles).

Kim got started with the running portion of her fitness journey by signing up for a 5K and taking part in a 12 week program entitled, “Couch to 5K”. If you would like more information on how to do a couch to 5K program, contact us and we can help you find a great one and keep you accountable!

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, Team Jarman would like for you to experience the health benefits of running, the excitement of finishing a road race, and the community that building running friendships offer.



Below are some great tips and posts on running. Feel free to look through all of this great information, but don’t forget that accountability is key, so signing up for a challenge group is really one of the best ways you can reach your health goals. During our challenge groups we will be there to help you each day along your personal journey.





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