Our story has multiple levels and we have many reasons why we started this webpage, but really what it comes down to is our mantra, “FITNESS that works, FOOD that is real, and FAMILY that connects.”




HELLO!  We are Jamie and Kim Jarman, a husband and wife duo that have been married for over 12 years and have 2 beautiful kids. Our passion is to help individuals and families in their fitness and health journey, by giving them tools, resources, and a community where they can learn how to truly make a lifestyle change.

We have always been a family that has loved sports and being active, but as is with life, things aren’t always easy and the everyday bustle of life many times gets in the way of fitness and health priorities. Thoroughout our marriage we found that work and family seemed to take priority, and our health wasn’t always on the top of our list; We struggled in eating the right things, staying in shape, and working together as a family toward the same goals.  In 2014, after our 2nd child was born, we new that in order to be a strong family our goals individually, and as a family, had to change. It was then that I, Kim, decided that I had to make a huge life change, and what ended up happening truly changed our families life forever.TeamJarmanShoot2015_0150-Edit_TeamJarmanBlog

Over the next year I made huge life changes in the way that I ate and how I worked out. The things that I learned about food and exercise were mind blowing… honestly they were so simple that I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t known about most of this before. Being a college athlete and someone who did care about fitness, I was so surprised at how little I truly knew. After having our 2nd child I was the heaviest I had been in my entire life, hitting over the 200 lb mark. It was depressing and humiliating to see where I had come. Thank goodness, during this journey, in one year,  I lost 85 pounds by taking these simple tools and completely changing the way I thought about food, exercise and life.

The lifestyle change affected the entire family in a very good way and as Jamie saw my transformation he decided to jump on board as well. We started working together to eat healthier and find ways for our entire family to work out so we could all be healthy. It’s amazing what can happen to a family when both the husband and wife work together to help each other succeed.

Through this change both Jamie and Kim saw the need to help others in their own journey of fitness and health, so we decided to join together to create a place where this was possible. The Team Jarman website is their journey and has a ton of information about fitness, clean eating, and other ways to help you succeed in your own journey.

This website is a story of our journey and all over you will see snippets of our story and how we got to where we are… also, as is life, the journey is always a learning process, so you will be joining this journey with us, the good and the bad… this is our life, our journey, and we invite you to join us.

Kim and Jamie are BEACHBODY coaches because, while on this journey, the tools that we learned through beachbody is one of the things that changed our lives so much. We believe in the system because we have seen it work for us, and it has been a huge part of our  journey.

We would love for you to join in on our team and be a part of this exciting journey. Everyone’s journey is different and you have to find what works for you; that is the great thing about this system is that you create your own journey and make it your own.

Team Jarman is here to be your cheerleader, help answer questions, and guide you on this journey. YOU can do it, WE believe in you, JOIN US in this JOURNEY TO A NEW LIFESTYLE.


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