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Having someone to help you in your journey is so important. You need a cheerleader, you need accountability, you need someone who understands how hard the journey is and won’t let you quit. Jamie and I are both here to do that. We truly care about your health success and want to see you succeed. 

The reason we joined up with Beachbody is because we believe in their system and we know it works. We love the aspect of having a coach, someone that you can go to for help, for answers, for a quick pick me up. Beachbody also has so many amazing resources that will help you along the way, from workout programs to nutrition tips.

If you aren’t yet ready for a challenge group, but still want some of the great tips from beachbody, we’d love for you sign up with one of us as your coach. By doing this you will gain access so some great materials through beachbody as well as we will be here to answer any questions you might have for your journey. Once you decide that you love working with us and want to move forward with a challenge group, you will be all set and ready to do that.

Beachbody offers a Free membership which includes:

  1. Kimberly or Jamie as your personal coach , we will  help take your results to the next level with individualized guidance and support. (Even though you have to choose a coach, we are a team – with different talents…. so you are actually getting 2 coaches instead of 1!)
  2. Active Message Boards with answers to your food and fitness questions.
  3. Access to the online SuperGym, where you can schedule and log your workouts and easily track your progress.


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Free Beachbody Coach
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Free Beachbody Coach
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While you are signing us up, you’ll notice a premium membership. The premium membership includes Beachbody On Demand, which give you access to hundreds of workouts streamed on your computer or any other devices. If you love to change up your workout or have access to a lot of different workouts, this is a great option.


For more information about coaching, check out the links below!



Why I became a beachbody coach

Why I became a beachbody coach When I first signed up

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