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Sometimes it’s easier to just find 30 minutes at home to get your workout in. Beachbody programs are proven to be effective and just plain work if you do them. We LOVE these workouts and if you are motivated by workouts at home and challenge groups to keep you accountable, then we highly suggest looking into doing one of these programs. Even if you are already doing a workout program, but want to find something to cross train, look into one of these!

Each Beachbody program combines challenging workouts with easy to follow nutrition guidelines and nutritional supplements – including the breakthrough, clinically proven health and weight loss shake called shakeology. Thousands have entered Beachbody challenge contests, where Beachbody rewards hundreds or even thousands of dollars for getting fit and healthy with their workout programs. Beachbody has a solution for you, through their DVD workouts, Beachbody on Demand, Shakeology, and Beachbody Performance supplements, wherever you are in your journey to a new lifestyle.

Team Jarman and Team Beachbody is where your journey begins. As beachbody coaches, we can help you achieve success. Real transformation takes work – and perhaps a little help along the way.



Below are some of our favorite Beachbody Programs and challenge packs. Feel free to look through all of this great information, but don’t forget that accountability is key, so signing up for a challenge group is really one of the best ways you can reach your health goals. During our challenge groups we will be there to help you each day along your personal journey.





Our Favorite Beachbody Programs & Challenge Packs:

If you are the type of person who loves to workout from home and needs a program that is going to yield amazing results, the Beachbody workout programs are amazing. Both Jamie and I have done them and they work great. Here are a few of our favorites. Click on each image to be directed to more information on the program as well as the information to purchase the program as a challenge pack. To see ALL Challenge Packs available click here.

21 Day Fix - Favorite Workout

21 day fix is simple fitness, simple eating, and fast

Country Heat Challenge Pack

With Country Heat, Autumn Calabrese brings fitness and

PIYO - Favorite Workout

PiYo is a low-impact, high-intensity

The Master's Hammer & Chisel - Favorite Workout

This program was designed specifically to help you

Cize - Favorite Workout

Let's get your groove on!!! Find those dance moves and

Body Beast Challenge Pack

This is for both men and women that want to build a


Can I see ALL the workout programs?:

If you already use Shakeology and just want information on all the beachbody programs out there, click here for all the programs that Beachbody offers. Remember, nutrition is 85% of the journey, so if you aren’t using Shakeology yet you should consider a Challenge Pack, as they are the best bang for your buck, and include “The healthiest meal of the day”. Lastly, if you are really trying get the “Best Deal”, you should look into joining our team and becoming a Beachbody coach; you can be a coach and just use it for the discounts, or you can use it as a business while helping others towards a healthier lifestyle.



For more information about different fitness that we LOVE to use, check out the links below!



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