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What does it mean to join our team? Well in short, it means allowing us to come alongside of you in your journey and allowing us to give you tools to be successful. We want to be your cheerleaders and to help push you to make this a lifestyle change and not just a diet. We know the importance of having people surrounding you who understand how hard it really is, but won’t let you give up. People who believe in you and want to see the best for you.

Our heart is truly to help people. We’ve both been through a huge journey of life changes and while it’s been hard, it’s been worth it. Through it all, our marriage became better because we joined together and spent time doing things that would bring us closer. We cheered each other on and found ways to help each other succeed. We know that many people don’t always have the support of a spouse or someone to cheer them on, and they feel alone; so we want to be the ones cheering you on and helping to to see success.  Along the way we hope that your family and friends will see your change and want to join in as well, and that it will strengthen your friendships though it.

When you join Team Jarman it means that you subscribe to our mantra of, “FITNESS that works, Food that is Real, and Family that connects.” We pray that through this JOURNEY TO A NEW LIFESTYLE, you will be renewed in not only your fitness and health, but in also your connection to family.

For more information on how to join our team please check out the links below. Always feel free to contact us as well via the contact form or via Facebook.





Why I became a beachbody coach

Why I became a beachbody coach When I first signed up


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