How Do I Run?

Running may be a natural movement, but using proper form can help you be more efficient and conserve energy.

Use a mid-foot strike. As your feet contact the ground, aim for having the middle of the feet make first contact. This helps with maintaining a comfortable and relaxed pace. Toe striking should typically be saved for sprinting and faster paces. Take a comfortable stride length. If your stride is too long, it will cause your heel (back of your feet) to strike first. This leads to wasting energy, will slow you down, and increases risk of injury.

Your upper body should be upright but relaxed. Work on keeping your head up, your back straight, and your shoulders level. A tense upper body or arching your back can leads to wasted energy, will cause tightness and pain in the lower back, and increases risk of injury.

Your arms should swing naturally from your shoulder and should be bent at around 90 degrees at waist height. Your hands should be relatively loose. Keep your hands from crossing over the center of your stomach. This will conserve energy.

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