Sugar is as addictive as Cocaine

Sugar is as addictive as Cocaine

When I realized this truth it changed everything for me. I looked back on my life and saw my addiction with sugar and realized that it was all true…. although I have never been a drug addict, I was fully addicted to sugar and had never been able to kick the habit.

I’m a HUGE cake fan… like, give me a cake that tastes amazing and I can eat the entire thing by myself – no joke. Many times after birthday parties we would have leftover cake in our house – Jamie could always so no… sugar isn’t his thing and he can say no to sweets all day long… they will just sit on the counter and he’ll forget about them… whereas for me… they call my name all day long – So with the leftover cake, It would sit in our fridge and no one would eat it but me. The problem is I wouldn’t just eat a bite, i’d find myself gorging on it and eating huge bites at a time.

When I was pregnant with Kaiden I would sit and eat an entire gallon of Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream in one sitting. I couldn’t stop myself. I was full on addicted.

When I started this journey, I was challenged to cut out all processed foods and sugar. I wanted change so bad and no one had ever challenged me to do this, so I went for it. I went for 24 days without sugar and while it was hard at first, after those 24 days I didn’t crave it as much and I could say no.

As with an addict, in anything, you sometimes have to go extreme. Someone who has a problem with alcohol can’t allow alcohol back into their lives… it just won’t work. Those who are addicted to drugs, can’t put themselves in situations with drugs around. They have to say no. In my own journey I had to go extreme. I had to say not to sugar… I cut it out of my life and didn’t falter… I said no… and my life changed. The weight dropped, the cravings stopped, the necessity for sugar stopped. It was freeing.

Now, that I’ve been on this journey for about 18 months, I have allowed myself to eat tiny little bites of sugar every once in awhile, but I find that if I do, the cravings start coming back and I have to be very careful or I could fall back in to where I was… and that is not an option.

If found my weakness and eliminated it and I am so thankful. I’m thankful that I was challenged to get rid of the sugar and that I didn’t falter and that I stuck it out.

Where are you with sugar? Is it a downfall for you? If so, I challenge you to treat it as you would any other addiction and get it out of your life. Get help, get accountability, and go cold turkey. I promise you will see results and you will find freedom.

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