PIYO – the perfect workout to help you reach your fitness goals

Why PIYO is a perfect program to pair with your gym (like Orangetheory), or your running workout.

I totally love Beachbody workout programs…I really do. I think they are amazing; they work, and if you do them (and stick with them), you will see results… killer results. Yet, I know that I’m not alone in that I really really love my gym (Orangetheory) and running (sometimes a little yoga too). Right now Cross fit, Orange Theory, running clubs, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Spinning, and so many other programs are addictions to people (and I LOVE all these outlets and different things we can do to stay in shape).

As many of you know I LOVE, like truly LOVE, Orangetheory. I love to go to a gym, to have a trainer kick my butt and push me to go harder. I grew up playing sports… I grew up working out and being pushed by a coach… I was told what to do and pushed to go harder if I was slacking. That kind of stuff motivates me… like really motivates me. Some of us need this… some of us need a person to push us… and that’s OK!!!

For those who don’t like going to the gym, have a crazy schedule and can’t seem to fit a workout in, or who are motivated on their own, the Beachbody workouts are perfect. They are 30 minutes a day, you can do them at any time during the day from the comfort of your home, and there are so many to choose from. They really are ideal… but how does Beachbody work for those of us who, like me, like our gym or who are runners???

This was my battle… being a Beachbody coach I NEED to know these workouts and have an idea of what they are, and what works, so that I can help others do them… while I have done some of the workouts in a lot of the different programs, and really do know that they are legit, I’ve never finished a Beachbody workout, so my husband challenged me to complete a full workout program from beginning to end (he’s already completed The Masters Hammer and Chisel and is finishing 22 Minute Hard Corps). So, I thought about how I can do both Orangetheory, train for a half marathon, and fit in time for another program (without killing my body)…. So I opted to try PIYO.



Let me tell you… I am sooooo thankful that I gave PIYO a try. PIYO is actually perfect for someone like me. I workout pretty hard core. I push myself really hard at Orangetheory – I lift hard, I row hard, I run hard and I try to always improve… lately though I have felt like I’ve been at a plateau… I haven’t been able to push my body as hard as I want.. I’ve been tired and exhausted during workouts and haven’t been able to run as hard. I also have been getting somewhat injured… my legs have been tight, I’ve had IT band issues and my hip and groin have locked up. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and a corrective specialist almost every week for almost a year just to keep my body going. It’s been a lot of work trying to kick my body into shape.

About 3 weeks ago I started PIYO. I get up at 4:45 am every morning (well sometimes I actually roll out of bed at 5, because 4:45 is a curse word in my mind), and I pull up Beachbody on Demand on my iphone and stream PIYO to my bedroom TV (can I tell you how much I love Beachbody on demand – I hate DVD’s). I pull out my yoga mat and spend 20-30 minutes doing PIYO. PIYO is a mix between Pilates and Yoga, so it’s strength with your own body weight (Pilates) and stretching (Yoga). By 5:30/5:45 my workout is done… kids are still asleep and I feel great; I feel stretched, strong, and feel like the entire day is ahead of me.

After I get the kids going and to school, I then head into Orangetheory and do my normal training. At first I thought I was crazy trying to double up, but honestly, it’s been amazing. My running has improved and my lifting has improved.. Why?? Because I’m taking time to warm up my body and stretch out my body before I go and kill my body with an intense workout. Honestly, if you are doing hard workouts, you should be doing stretching for about 20-30 minutes each day anyways to keep your body in check. I have been able to jump on a treadmill and run harder than I ever have because I’m taking time to stretch my body out properly before I run. I’m stronger, because the strength training in PIYO is amazing. The other day I was able to do some crazy pushups at Orange Theory in the TRX straps, that no one else around me was doing… people commented that it was amazing.. Honestly, I thank PIYO for that… I feel the strength I’ve gained in the last 3 weeks has helped push me further in some of the little things. I truly believe that PIYO is such a good compliment to Orangetheory and for any of you who do Orangetheory and want to see improvement, I challenge you to grab this program and try it out.

One other thing… I haven’t had to go to my chiropractor or corrective specialist in over 3 weeks… while I still will continue to go every once in awhile, the stretching and strength that PIYO is giving me is exactly what my body is needing in order for me to keep pushing hard. I’m a believer!!

piyoI still have 5 weeks left to finish this program and I’m so excited to see the change that is going to occur.

Why do I write this post? Because I know a lot of you are doing “other” programs and aren’t totally sure about this Beachbody thing…. And that’s ok, I get it…. But, I promise, that these programs work. PIYO has been perfect for me because it’s what my body needs to continue to go to the gym and push hard… Jamie did Hammer and Chisel because he’s a runner, and has always focused on running and never has done strength training… because of his Hammer and Chisel he was able to train less in his running and still get a PR in his ½ marathon. While he has always been able to run, his body needed the strength aspect – he doesn’t have time to go to the gym, so Hammer and Chisel at home has been PERFECT for him.

As an athlete you have to find balance in your workouts… you need stretching, running, strength training… it’s great to find a program that you can supplement with in your normal workout…. It will help you get better if you find that balance.

I would love to talk to you about what program might work for you where you are at now. If you are just starting in your health journey, let us help you start… with accountability and a group of people helping you out, I promise you can do this. If you are already an athlete and have a good grasp of things, let’s chat because this might be what you need to push you to the next level.

I love these programs… I am a true believer in what they do and I have seen our challengers (including Jamie and me) see HUGE results with them. It’s attainable and realistic. You can do this!

So, here is my challenge… any of you who are doing Orangetheory, Crossfit, training for a 5k, 10k, 1/2, or full marathon, check out PIYO. Add it to your workout program each day and watch your training go farther than it ever has before! Buy the challenge pack here: With this challenge pack you will get the full PIYO workout program, a clean meal plan, support in our challenge group (along with amazing friendships built and accountability), and a 30 day supply of Shakeology (a nutrient dense – clean – protein shake). If you have any questions, contact us and we’d love to go through everything with you.

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